“The way to move information from your head to your heart is through your hands.”

Brene Brown

Our process is based on co-creation and putting you and your team at the heart of the action.

We are not traditional consultants that give you advice but will challenge you and facilitate your team’s learning on how to deliver law differently. So that you will not necessarily be dependent on external help in your design projects and you are free to choose the best ways to work for you.

We believe in the power of process and solid project management in order to innovate and get things done. That is why we define a clear process for each project and agree on timelines and roles and responsibilities so that you always know what the next steps are and what the project goal is.

Hannele Korhonnen of Villa Verto in office with notebook

How we work.


Your why and your goals

  • What are the goals for the project?
  • How are your goals linked to your organisation, its strategy and busines?


Insight and research to get holistic understanding.

  • Context: what is the big picture?
  • Existing data: what do we already know?
  • Research: what do we want to learn more?


Crystallize the findings.

  • Emerging themes: data speaks in volumes, but what is it saying?
  • Learning: what are the actionable insights we can draw from data?


  • Concept design
  • “Make it” (something simple first)
  • Iterative process, working closely with you
  • Testing


  • Solution is delivered
  • We offer support, help you with communication, arrange workshops and training to get your people on board

Change Management

Change is hard. So is change management. Doing things differently requires changes in culture and mindset and the implementation of the change from people’s perspective need to be built in the project,

Uncertainty and emotional stress can lead to strong counter-reactions and questioning the reason for the change in the first place. Most people are naturally uncomfortable with change. We understand and are here to help you with every step of the way.


We want to ensure that any necessary changes are in line with your organisation’s values and goals. This is why we start with the strategic level.


To have sufficient control over the outcome and to experience mastery over the doing, we work bottom-up instead of top-down.


Change is a social endeavour, you need to be able to interact and be connected to other people and also experience care for yourself. These projects rely on collaboration and co-creation.

These key ingredients are hard-wired in our process and way of working at Villa Verto. We genuinely want to have a real and sustainable impact on your work and your organisation.

Where to start.

Schedule a call

Let’s get to know each other. 


Joint meeting

We dive in together. 


our plan

We present out offer and project plan and show you how we can help. 



Grab a virtual coffee with me and let’s figure out the next step!

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