Verto = latin for change.

Villa Verto is a safe place for change.

A legal and service design agency based in Helsinki, Finland, Villa Verto serves customers worldwide.

I am a practiced lawyer and compliance professional turned designer, so I fully understand the pains of legal and compliance work. My services are developed specifically for the legal community.

I am passionate about developing customer-centred legal space, improving access to justice and creation of positive social impact in the society.

The expertise in my team is multidisciplinary. We combine Legal and Compliance, Design, Leadership and Management and Pedagogy.

My team

Hannele Korhonnen

Hannele Korhonnen


“Listening is my superpower.”

These days I refer to myself as a recovering lawyer thought I’m not sure I’ll ever completely remove the law from my veins.

I’m an optimist at heart, and 20 years ago when I started law school, I wanted to change the world through human rights law. When I ended up in corporate banking, discontent inevitably followed.

I didn’t know it then, but I was gathering experience that would help me as a business owner when I quit my job a decade later. One night I came up with an idea and the next morning I cleaned out my desk. That’s the thing about me, I’m an ideas person, and I’m also an action person. I see every idea through to its natural end, even if the results are different from what I expected.

Another personality trait some people find astonishing about me is that I love change. I didn’t realise most people are the opposite, especially lawyers. I mean, lawyers need to be risk-averse and calculated, but we all agree the legal system as a whole needs an overhaul.

Knowing I could lead change with empathy and enthusiasm, I started my own firm that would place clients at the heart of every action. I wanted to jump down from my lawyerly pedestal and join clients in without intimidating them.

I built my business on equal access to legal support, simplification of legalese, changes service offerings and the billable hour. Most importantly, it was about making our services human and customer-focused.

When I first heard the term Legal Design in 2016, I knew I was already championing it’s concepts within my firm. But I wanted to push it further, which is why I’m now a recovering lawyer and the Founder of my Legal Design company, Villa Verto.

We make the law approachable.

Grab a virtual coffee with me and let’s figure out the next step!

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